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NCCFD Moves Postions -Waits on New Chief Hire

No new Chief has been hired at Nevada County Consolidated Fire District, but the Board of Directors at a special meeting last night did promote two employees to handle the administrative and operational duties. The action is required because interim chief Jerald Johnson, who is a PERS annuitant is coming close to the end of the 960 hours he is allowed to work as a retiree before having to forgo his pension. Battalion Chief Jerry Funk and Jim Turner are promoted to Division Chiefs, Chief Turner will oversee the administrative duties and Chief Funk says he will be responsible for the overall day to day operations of the district.
Click here to listen to Chief Jerry Funk

District Board Chairman Warren Knox stated “We cannot thank Interim Chief Johnson enough for the remarkable job he has done helping the District through some very difficult times.” Knox says the board reorganization of the District management further emphasizes the Board’s desire to not choose a new, full time Fire Chief at this time. The Board is waiting until it has a better indication if there is an opportunity for a number of Nevada County Fire Agencies to share one Chief.

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