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NCCFD Special Meeting Tonight

The Nevada County Consolidated Fire District has called for a special meeting this evening to consider hiring a temporary fire chief to fill in  while the search for a permanent one can take more time.  The urgency is due to present acting Fire Chief David Ray’s retirement, which will take effect tomorrow.  Warren Knox is Board Chair of Nevada County Consolidated.
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Knox says local fire chiefs Gene Vanderplatz and Tony Clarabut were considered as interim chief candidates or at least someone that consolidated battalion chiefs could turn to for administrative advice, but they both have duties at there present jobs with Grass Valley Fire and Penn Valley Fire that take a majority of their time.

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The time line is for Nevada County Consolidated Fire District to have a new chief in place  in  60 to 120 days. The board meeting gets underway at 7 o’clock this evening at Station 84 on Coyote Street in Nevada City.  There will also be a tribute to retiring Chief David Ray and discussion of hiring two new fire fighters.

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