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NCPD Lt. Lorin Gage Retires

Tomorrow will be the last day on the job for Nevada City Police Lt. Lorin Gage. He is retiring from the department after 32 years of service to the City that has been his home since childhood.
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After school in the 70’s Lt. Gage was a volunteer firefighter for the Nevada City and the 49er fire Departnments.  He went into the Airforce in 1976 where he trained in law enforcement and worked in Texas the Phillipines and Edwards Air Force Base before his 4 years were up and he returned to home.

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Even though a move to a larger city would have meant higher pay, Lt. Gage says he wanted to stay with the Nevada City Police Department because of the people here. In 1985 he was promoted to Sergeant  and in 2008 was promoted to Lieutenant.
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Lt Gage  says he plans to stay around Nevada County playing competitive softball in the Penn Valley Men’s League, riding his horses and competing in team roping.

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