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NCPD Sells Guns to Get Guns- Progress on Bank Robbery Investigation

Nevada City Police Chief Tim Foley says the department was able to sell 5 long rifles and two handguns that were outdated or not being used and are now considering how to spend the proceeds.

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Foley says they are focusing on gaining some uniformity of weapons that officers would carry in the field.

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There are at least three different handguns being carried by Nevada City Police Officers. . Standardizing weapons carried is one thing Chief Foley says he has been looking at doing since he came on board as Chief.

As for the investigation into the robbery of Tri Counties Bank in Nevada City Tuesday, Chief Foley says many calls have come in from members of the community that are aiding the investigation.

Click here to listen to Chief Tim Foley

The suspect was described as being 35 to 40 years of age, about 6 feet tall wearing a light blue button down collared shirt, jeans and dark tennis shoes and possibly a San Francisco Giants Baseball cap. A patch of white or gray hair was visible on the right side on the back of his head.
The suspect got away with about $13,600 dollars.
Chief Foley says the investigation is going to be relentless and he hopes to have a suspect in custody by the end of the week.

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