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NCTV Meets to Reorganize

The new N-C-T-V Board is in place, and those who put television programs on the community station are anxious to take Channel 11 to the next level. Gil Dominguez is Executive Director of Touchdown Productions, which provides sports programming for N-C-T-V. He’s looking forward to working with the new board…

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Greater Grass Valley Chamber Co-C-E-Os Keith and Robin Davies, and former Grass Valley City Administrator Dan Holler loaned N-C-T-V ten thousand dollars to keep the channel operational. Dominguez says N-C-T-V can be financially viable…

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He uses the analogy of owning a home. Would you still be able to pay the mortgage if you are not working…

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The new board met last night (Monday). Dominguez says the top things on the agenda were raising money, and finding a new building.

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