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Neighbors Told to Remove Stop Rincon Del Rio Signs

An attorney representing the developers of the proposed Rincon Del Rio senior living project, in the south county has sent a letter to neighbors to take down their signs of objection.  The signs that have popped up on over 30 locations in the area say “stop” Rincon Del Rio- No Rezone- Keep it rural, then list the website stop-rincon-del-rio dot com.  The word “Stop” on the sign is in bold red letters on a white background and attorney Peter Lemon argues that the signs are illegal because the ‘Stop’ element of the sign imitates a traffic control sign, which may mislead or confuse pedestrian or vehicular traffic. The letter dated August 24th, goes on to say if the signs are not removed in 3 days, the violations will be reported to Code Enforcement Staff at the County.  Benton Seeley who lives on Rodeo Flat Road  told County Supervisors yesterday  neighbors are being intimidated.

“These are the kinds of things that you would not tolerate if you were a land owner and yet, we are. We’re going to seek legal action on Mr. Lemon and the Youngs and see what we can do. We realize you have nothing to do with it, but these are the tactics that we’re up against. Our signs are disappearing. What are we supposed to do but continually come before you and let you know of our concern?”

The Rincon Del Rio property is 215 acres located one half mile east of Hwy 49 on Rincon Way.  James and Carol Young are proposing to build a Senior Living Retirement Community for 350 to 450 residents.

The project is in Supervisor Ed Scofields District. He recently attended a neighborhood meeting to discuss the project with residents and told them that the Rincon Del Rio project is still in the early stages and they would have several opportunities to comment on it in the years ahead.

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