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NEO Learns About Media Copyright and Fair Use

A local non-profit that supports youth and teen activities is learning a lesson about media fair use and copyright law the hard way. NEO- New Events and Opportunities provides alternative substance free events for teen in Nevada County. Most recently they had a presence a the Nevada County Fair and set up stage activities for Thursday Night Market in Grass valley. NEO Coordinator, Halli Ellis, says the organization is showing Back to the Future this evening at the Blockbuster Parking Lot on Freeman Lane. However, Ellis did not realize (like many non-profit clubs and groups) that in order to show a video outside of a house- it requires a license from the owners of the content of the video.

Click here to listen to NEO Coordinator, Halli Ellis

Hallie says that NEO is purchasing the license but really doesn’t have the resources to do so as they are trying to establish a local youth center.

Click here to listen to NEO Coordinator, Halli Ellis

If you are interested in helping NEO with tonight’s unexpected 100.00 charge, you can contact Halli Ellis at 263-3763.

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