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NEO Looking to Build BMX Park

Nevada County’s NEO Program, which offers youth in the area a positive message about choosing a healthy lifestyle free of drug abuse, has collected 2000 signatures in support of a BMX park in the area. Youth coordinator with NEO Lynn Skrukrud explains the need for such a park when we already have a skate park and many trails in the area.

“The more people getting involved with tricks and freestyle BMX, they really need ramps and rails and jumps and really facilities like a skate park to be able to practice those tricks.”

The next step for the BMX Park is to raise funds for a feasibility study and drawing up plans for the park before making a presentation to the city. Skrukrud says they have some potential locations.

“We have a few proposed areas. We’re still kind of working out all the details. The city did apply for a grant through Prop 84 funding and if that goes through, then it’ll be located on the corner of Sutton and Idaho Maryland Road.”

You can learn more about NEO and the BMX Park at the group’s web site www.NC NEO.com or see their booth at the Thursday night market.

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