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Nevada and Sacramento County Sheriff on Same Page

Last week Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal expressed his concerns about Proposition 34 which would eliminate the Death Penalty in California if it passes on November 6th. This morning, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones echoed Sheriff Royals concerns.

Click here to listen to Sacramento  County Sheriff Scott Jones

As Royal had stated, law enforcement officers and the public will be in greater danger if violent criminals have no threat other than incarceration, Jones made a similar statement.

Click here to listen to Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones

Related to the Vote No on 34 efforts, On October 31, the California State Supreme Court finalized their landmark ruling streamlining the death penalty appeals process so that capital punishment can resume.

According to Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully at a press conference earlier today (Friday Nov 2), “The State Supreme Court ruled decisively against deception and delay in the death penalty appeals process, paving the way to justice for the people of California.”

Scully went on to say,¬† “On Election Day, we believe voters will deliver a similar mandate by rejecting Proposition 34.¬† Californians support the ultimate sentence for the most violent offenders who kill peace officers, rape and murder children or are convicted of serial killings of women.”

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