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Nevada City Appoints Council Members

Nevada City has chosen to appoint new council members rather than spend the 25 hundred to 3 thousand dollars it would cost to put them on the ballot. Three citizens filed papers to run for the positions and with 3 open positions; City Manager Dave Brenan said the obvious cost saving decision was to appoint the positions. *


“They appointed Robert Bergman, Jennifer Ray and Terry Anderson; they are all 4 year terms. I think everyone agreed that it was probably worthwhile to not have the election so we could save 25 hundred to 3 thousand in costs when we knew the outcome would be the same”.



Other appointed positions included current city clerk and treasurer Neal Locke was appointed to another 4 year term as city clerk and current mayor of Nevada city david McKay will take over as treasure in June when his council position expires. council members Dwayne Strawser and Sally Harris have 2 more years on the council with Bergman returning for another 4 year term and Reinette Senum is the 3 council member not running for re-election

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