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Nevada City, City Council Looks at Proposed Expenditures

When Nevada City voters approved the 3/8 percent sales tax in November, city officials agreed to focus on the unmet needs of the city resulting from cuts and lack of funds to move projects forward. At last night’s (Wednesday) City C0uncil meeting a list of those needs and projected costs for each was presented by finance director Catrina Olson and city manager David Brennan. Brennan says a top priority is increasing the reserve fund.

Click here to listen to David Brennan

Another priority is to remove furlough days and extend city hall operating hours.

Click here to listen to David Brennan

Other expenditures include increasing the Chief of Police and City Manager positions to full time and adding several other personnel positions across departments. A number of deferred public works projects and equipment purchases are also on the list which was developed with input from each department head.
The council had some questions and requested rationale for each expenditure.
Mayor Dwayne Stawser said he didn’t see any fluff and referred to the list as prudent expenditures.
In another action, the city council decided to defer a water rate hike until 2014.

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