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Nevada City City Council Meets Tonight

Three items that may be of interest are being discussed and or approved via Consent Agenda or Old Business at Wednesday’s Nevada City City Council meeting beginning at 6:30 PM. City Manager David Brennan says the consent agenda items include a resolution to support plastic bag legislation and an item about street closures for Halloween. One concern the council had in the past about banning single-use-plastic-bags was that customers might take there business elsewhere.
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Brennan says the statewide legislation would provide a more equitable and less threatening plan.
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The second consent agenda item is regarding residential street closures for Halloween night. The council began closing the streets last year.
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The street closures are in the residential neighborhoods at the top of Broad Street.
Brennan says Halloween is almost as popular for residential decorations as Christmas decorations are during the holiday season.

The Old Business item is discussion of proposed security improvements to the front lobby of City Hall.
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The project includes installation of heavy acrylic barriers that are bulletproof as well as installation of a full door barrier into the employee areas.
The council will be seeing the proposed renovations for the first time at Wednesday’s meeting and will likely have questions about the project before moving to approve it.

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