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Nevada City, City Council Reviews Grand Jury Report

The Nevada City, city council will have a discussion tonight of the recently released civil Grand Jury report on outsourcing theĀ  Cities Police Department. though the report just came out last week, 2 city council members say the report is dated and a 3rd says the report only looked at financial issues regarding the police department and did not look deep enough into the issue of police protection for Nevada City before suggesting the they outsource police protection. Councilman Robert Bergman says they will review the report.

NC city council meeting

The council will be asked to prepare a response to the finding of the grand jury regarding their recommendation that the city council formally request and publicly consider proposals from the Nevada County Sheriff’s office and the Grass Valley Police Dept. to provide Police Services. The city is also moving forward in the lengthy process to put an initiative on the November ballot to raise the sales tax in the city for police protection. The Nevada City city council will meet at City Hall at 317 Broad Street at 6:30 pm tonight (Wednesday).

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