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Nevada City Companion City to Burning Man?

A proclamation to name Nevada City a companion city to Black Rock Nevada where the Burning Man event starts Monday has spurred a firestorm, Nevada City mayor Duane Stawser says. Niel Locke, city clerk proposed the measure, the mayor says.

Click here to listen to Mayor Stawser

Opponents says an association with Burning Man is the wrong brand for the city. The Nevada City Council takes up the matter tonight and meets at 6:30 p.m. A spokeswoman for Burning Man says the companion city status is welcomed.

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August 23, 2012

Elizabeth Byszeski

It seems NC is desperate for popularity/attention and will lose the charm & class it has established if remaining on this course. Unless it's for survival then that should be clear to citizens of NC and GV. Burning Man attracts a lot of bizzarre...not against it to some degree but there are extremes I'd think NC would not welcome.

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