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Nevada City Competing for Coolest Small Town

Nevada City is in the running to be America’s Coolest Small Town. ‘Budget Travel’ is having an online contest of 15 small towns in the United States, and readers can vote for their favorite. Nevada City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cathy Whittlesey says Nevada City was picked mostly because of its Gold Country setting…

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Nevada City is the only small town in California on the list, with the next-closest being Estes Park, Colorado. Whittlesey is not sure exactly what it would mean if Nevada City wins the contest, but it would be, well, “cool”…

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If you would like to vote, there is a link on the Chamber’s website, at Nevada City Chamber dot-com

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Nevada City is currently in sixth place in the standings with Berlin, Maryland atop the leader board. Voting ends on Tuesday.

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