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Nevada City Completes Bag Survey

Nevada City has the results of it’s Bag Survey. They wanted   to find out what people and merchants think about banning plastic bags  and charging 10 cents for paper bags.  City Manager Dave Brennan says there was one  survey for business owners and another one for consumers, and of the 39 businesses that responded, 66 percent were in favor of the 10 cent paper bag fee.
click here to listen to Dave Brennan

Then there were some added comments from Business owners.
click here to listen to Dave Brennan

As for the consumer survey, Brennan says there were 221 respondents.  Seventy Two percent say they usually bring their own bags when shopping and 75 percent  are in support of the 10 cent fee for paper bags.

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May 6, 2014


I think 10 cent fee is too much considering the fact that the merchants will be saving a considerable amount by not providing plastic bags.
How much is does 1 paper bag cost wholesale?
Can you reuse paper bags?
Can I recycle paper bags for cash???
I try to get paper bags whenever I can but I use the plastic bags for my trash. I would have to buy plastic trash bags so here comes the plastic again.
I also use my own bags when I can remember to take them shopping with me.
Will all businesses including auto parts Dollar Store etc be required to use paper????????
I am all for saving this small community from he perils of plastic bags but I do not want the merchants making a profit from it.

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