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Nevada City Elementary School District Board Supports Propositions for School Funding

The Nevada City Elementary School Board held a discussion regarding Proposition 30: Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act and Proposition 38: Our Children our Future: Local Schools and Early Education Investment Act at their September 25th meeting. Superintendent, Roxanne Gilpatric presented information from the California Association of School Business Officials regarding the two propositions and the board reviewed information from the California School Boards Association.

If Proposition 30 does not pass, NCSD anticipates a cut of $389,893 in 2012-13 and a cut of $202,834 in 2013-14. The cut for 2012-13 is already included in this year’s budget and the cut for 2013-14 has been included in the multi-year projection.

It was noted that state law allows school boards to take a position on a state ballot measure and to notify the community of the projected results of passage or failure of a state ballot measure but does not allow school boards to advise the community on how they should vote.

The board approved Resolution No 1213-10 supporting both Proposition 30 and Proposition 38.

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