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Nevada City Eyes Plastic Bag Ban

Nevada City has been considering  adopting an ordinance to ban plastic bags, much like the one recently adopted by the Town of Truckee  , as well as 103 other cities and counties in California. These ordinances ban the further use of lightweight, handled carryout bags, and require a charge, typically 10 cents, for a paper bag or other reusable type bag. The 10-cent fee would be retained by the store to help cover the costs of switching from plastic to paper. The 10 cent fee also helps reduce consumption of paper bags over time.

The state of California has a pending Senate bill, SB270, which could, if passed, create a statewide plastic bag law. The Nevada City, City Council feels it would be better to have local control over its own ordinance. If Nevada City has its own ordinance adopted by September 1st, it would remain in effect and not be overridden by the state law.
Nevada City has posted a plastic bag ban survey on the city website and area asking that the survey for business owners be completed by April 30th. Paper copies are also available in the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce office.  There is also a Nevada City Bag survey available for Consumers.

And Nevada County is also conducting a survey  of business in the unincorporated areas over the next 3 weeks, and Grass Valley will likely conduct their own survey soon.

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March 25, 2014


You should think about this law, I live in a city that banned plastic bags, and without an option for paper. You will soon find out what a pain it is when you decide to stop by the market and found you left you bags at home. Simple runs to the local market becomes a real issue. Pass No Law give incentives to stores and markets that offer Paper or othe options. DO YOU WANT ONE MORE LAW.

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