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Nevada City Film Festival This Weekend

The 11th annual Nevada City Film Festival is Thursday through Sunday August 18th through the 21st at the Nevada Theater, Miners Foundry and the Magic Theater in Nevada City. The big feature is ‘We Are Wizards’ that takes a look at the Harry Potter phenomenon and its cultural effects as well as short films from 10 different countries, animated short films and a variety of comedians are on the schedule. Director of the festival Jessie Locks says there is something for everyone at this year’s festival and it’s easy to determine if a showing is appropriate for younger viewers that may want to attend the events.

“There are a lot of programs that are PG/ PG-13 and then there is some stuff that is a little heavy for kids and we do have disclaimers on all of this programming.”

The festival is a nonprofit organization and is raising funds for a young artists program called Magic lantern.

“It is a program that we’re kind of developing. It will be a yearlong film society where we can actually develop some programs that work with young people in producing their own films.”

You can buy a VIP Pass for all the programs or you pay for individual shows. For a list of shows and times go to Nevada city film festival.com

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