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Nevada City Firm Chosen for NID Study

The Nevada City office of Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.  has been awarded the contract   to do  environmental studies for a long-term regional water supply project being planned by the Nevada Irrigation District and City of Lincoln. NID General Manager Rem Scherzinger says the collaborative water project has been in planning for several years as several parcels in and around  the city of  Lincoln are in NID’s service area.
Click here to listen to NID General Manager Rem Sherzinger

The Stantec Nevada city team will perform fieldwork and studies to prepare the CEQA study that will be required to build a water treatment plant.  NID has supplied irrigation water to the Lincoln area for years.Development in recent decades has increased the need for treated drinking water supplies.  Plans cal for NID to produce the treated water and transfer it to the City for distribution through the municipal pipeline system.  The environmental study is expected to take 18 months. A future timeline for the project will depend on the outcome of that study.

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