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Nevada City has a Board Walk

The Nevada City Board walk installation celebration is tonight (Thursday) with music and entertainment. The Wednesday night Nevada City City Council meeting is considering another project of the group, to turn the 3 parking meters that used to stand where the board walk is now and use them to raise funds for the maintenance of the board walk itself. Senum tells how the meters will be recycled for this purpose.

“The three parking meters that the boardwalk takes up, why don’t we make those into give-o-meters? So we have Leann Brooks, who is a local artist who has helped design the labels and basically what this give-o-meter says is ‘the quarters you donate to these meters are dedicated to the upkeep and the maintenance of the boardwalk and the beautification of Nevada City.”

The Commercial Street Boardwalk Celebration is at the corner of Commercial & N. Pine. This Thursday, 6:30-7:30pm, free kid-friendly beverages. The public is invited to meet the sustainability team and community volunteers & businesses that made the Boardwalk possible.

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