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Nevada City Looking to Add Future Parking

Nevada City is going to start saving money for more parking spaces. The City Council voted last night to set aside ten percent of their parking meter revenue, and put it into a fund for parking lot improvements. The debate is over whether to improve the lot on Spring Street, potentially adding 30 spaces, and maybe even make the lot into a two-story structure. Councilman Duane Strawser says more parking is badly needed…

Listen to Duane Strawser

A two-story structure would require construction of a sound wall that could run 200-thousand dollars. Councilwoman Jennifer Ray says that’s way too expensive…

Listen to Jennifer Ray

The council decided to earmark the money for the parking fund, but not require its use to be on Spring Street. City officials say there is already over 118-thousand dollars in the fund. The parking meter money would add about nine thousand dollars a year.

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