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Nevada City Man Arrested for Bizzare Behavior with a Bow and Arrow

A Nevada city grandmother called the Sheriff’s office on her grandson (Monday) last night when he allegedly threatened to shoot at the voices in the walls of the house with a bow and arrow. Sheriff Keith Royal says Richard Carlson was arrested on drug charges in the 15 thousand block of Julia ranch road around 8:15 pm Monday night.  

“We responded to an unusual call from the suspect’s grandmother saying that the suspect was under the influence of a controlled substance and was acting bizzarely. Apparently he believed that there were people inside the walls and collected up a bow and arrow and was going to shoot them.”

Carlson fled from deputies out a window. Officers conducted their investigation and while questioning the grandmother Carlson returned to the home. He approached deputies with several arrows in hand. Carlson was arrested on drug charges and booked at the Wayne Brown correctional Facility.

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