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Nevada City Needs to Make Pool Repairs

Nevada City is looking at adjusting its Measure L expenditure plan in order to make needed repairs to the Pioneer Park pool. City Manager David Brennan says they emptied the pool in the winter, and noticed cracks when they filled it back up this spring. Some minor repairs were made, but apparently more are needed…

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Public Works is asking the City Council for 75-thousand dollars of Measure L money to pay for the project.  The list of projects to be funded by Measure L was approved in January, but Brennan says expenditures approved for the first year, can be shifted to later years….

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Measure L was the three-eighths of a cent sales tax approved by voters last year. The Council heard the request at their meeting last night. Exactly which projects would be shifted will be determined at a later date.

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August 15, 2013


Lovely pool, but repairs are needed. One of my kids stepped on a location where the paint had flaked off and hurt his foot so much that he refused to walk around the pool any more.

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