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Nevada City Police Form Program to Deal with Problem People

Whether you call them transients, vagrants or the homeless a certain element of people are causing trouble on the streets. Shane Franssen is the Nevada City Police Officer who’s job it is to walk a foot patrol to deal with the problems some of these people create.

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Officer Franssen¬† says he can cite an individual, book them into jail for public drunkenness, drugs,¬† or other infractions and they can be back on the street within hours, He says the revolving door of being arrested isn’t working .

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Enhancements can be going into rehab, or other programs that will get them off rock bottom and gradually moving up and contributing to society and not living on the street 24/7. Franssen encourages the public to call the police if they encounter a person creating problems.

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Franssen describes some of the areas that generate the most calls for service in Nevada City.

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Fransen says he recently visited San Louis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Vetnrua where successful intervention programs and alternative court are already in place, to get ideas for programs in Nevada City.


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