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Nevada City Schools Warned of Threat

Nevada City Schools Superintendent Roxanne Gilpatrick tells KNCO that 26 year old Andy Dickenson will remain held for 30 days. Dickenson a former Seven Hills Middle School Student is said to have made threats of serious violence against an unspecified female student. Gilpatrick says she was notified by the director of a psychiatric hospital Dickenson had made the statements, and health officials are bound by California law to notify the potential victims.

“I don’t know of the exact threat, but under California Statutory Law, a psychotherapist has a duty to make reasonable efforts to communicate a serious threat of physical violence against a victim or victims to the party. So I was contacted by the director of a hospital and I can’t name the hospital because of patient privacy.”

Gilpatrick says she didn’t want to scare people but felt parents of school children should be apprised of the situation. Dickenson had been placed on a 72-hour hold after making the threats. Following a hearing health officials have decided to extend the hold for 30 days.

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