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Nevada City Warming Shelter Will Happen Despite Logistical Difficulties

Nevada City, city councilmen Robert Bergmen is determined to find a way to open  a warming shelter in Nevada City this winter during severe weather conditions. Bergmen says it’s easier said than done but it will be done.

“It’s a question of how and where and alternate sites because actually pulling it off, procedurally, it’s a little bit tricky. With the expertise and I think a lot of input from different groups determining what the actual triggering criteria will be, defining what the rules will be, setting up security, all those kinds of things. But something will be done.”

Bergman said operating the temporary shelter last winter cost the City about $2,000 and was operated with help from the county Department of Social Services and General Services, Hospitality House, the Red Cross, the Food Bank and volunteers. Bergman expects the topic to return to the council in its next open session.

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