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Nevada County Air Quality Gets Good Scores

California Air Pollution Control Officers Association today has released it’s annual air quality report for all 35 local air districts in the state, and there is good news for Nevada County. Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District Air Pollution Control Officer Gretchen Bennitt says western Nevada County is getting ahead of it’s ground ozone problem.
Click here to listen to Gretchen Bennitt

For example in 2009, Bennitt says Nevada County recorded 18 days of exceeding the federal standard for Ozone.  But in the last three years, only 6 days per year exceeded the Federal standard.
Click here to listen to Gretchen Bennitt

High levels of ozone can lead to health impacts on sensitive individuals as well as children and pregnant women as well as the elderly and exercising adults.

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July 23, 2013


IGNORE this corporate propaganda. Nevada County's air quality is among the worst in the nation & getting worse. Most summer days now the Ozone is well above 50, making it unsafe to exercise outdoors. What's the point of living here if we're going to be poisoned by the air we breathe? WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

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