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Bar Association Deems Tom Anderson Best Qualified

Nevada City—The Nevada County Bar Association has announced the results of its plebiscite poll, which finds Judge Tom Anderson to be the “Best Qualified” candidate standing for Nevada County Superior Court Judge, Seat 1.

“I am honored that Nevada County’s Bar members feel I’m the best qualified to run an impartial courtroom,” Judge Anderson stated in response to the results. “Bar Association members include civil and criminal attorneys, litigators, mediators, prosecution and defense attorneys. They understand what the job of judge entails. They understand that a judge must maintain a judicial temperament and preside with integrity. They understand the importance of a judicial branch standing firmly on the principles of the US Constitution.”

“I’ve worked hard,” he continued, “to establish a reputation of integrity, respect, effectiveness, and fidelity to the law. I will continue to do so. I feel honored to have the confidence and support of the Nevada County Bar Association members.”

Judge Anderson has nearly three decades of experience in the courtroom, including serving for the past five years as Nevada County Superior Court Judge and for the past two as Presiding Judge. Prior to taking the bench in 2007, Judge Anderson had ten years experience as a county administrator, six of which were as Nevada County Public Defender. Judge Anderson came to the bench with over 23 years courtroom experience and six years service as a hired Judge pro tem.

Judge Anderson is the only candidate who is in the Nevada County courtrooms on a near-daily basis. “I’m uniquely qualified to provide continuity,” he said, “since I’m working in our courts daily and know the staff, the programs, and the system in a manner only a local judge with hands-on experience can.”

Nevada County attorneys were offered the opportunity to rank candidates for judge as “Best Qualified” and “Least Qualified.” Judge Anderson earned the Best Qualified ranking from more than 90% of participating members.

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