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Nevada County Deputies Assist Home Land Security in Penn Valley Arrest

On May 3, 2012 the United States Department of Homeland Security Agents, based in Montana, requested the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office assist in the apprehension of Kenneth Daniel Chrestensen, 03/01/1985.  Chrestensen was wanted on a Federal no bail felony arrest warrant related to methamphetamine charges.

Chrestensen was considered armed and dangerous, and believed to be in possession of a fully automatic AR-15 type assault rifle.  Intelligence was developed by the Department of Homeland Security showing Chrestensen may be anticipating a confrontation with law enforcement, and has threatened the lives of investigators.


Chrestensen was tracked to a residence on Devonshire Circle in Penn Valley by undisclosed means.  The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Task Force conducted a covert surveillance operation on the residence.  Personnel from the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Special Enforcement Detail (SWAT) and the Department from Homeland Security conducted a tactical operation on the residence and Chrestensen was taken into custody without incident.

The other occupants of the residence were not believed to have knowledge of Chrestensen’s criminal history, nor are suspected in any illegal activities.

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