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Nevada County Experiences Several Traffic Accidents

An accident caused a power outage in Nevada City yesterday afternoon.   Over 1000 PG&E customers were without power after a vehicle collided into a utility pole.  PG&E spokesperson Paul Morreno said the accident occurred at Sacramento Street and Clark in Nevada City.  Power was restored several hours later.  

Around 10: 30 yesterday morning a woman drove her car into the front door of an office building on Sutton Way yesterday causing minor damage but no injuries.  Cause of that accident is under investigation. 

And finally, an 81 year old Colfax man driving a Chevy Colorado took a left hand turn off of Highway 174 onto Mosswood drive yesterday afternoon directly into the path of a Chevy G -10 driven by a 57 year old grass valley man.  The vehicles collided in the southbound lane of highway 174 blocking traffic for a short time. No alcohol or drugs are considered to be a factor that accident is also still under investigation. 

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