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Nevada County Furloughs To Continue

Nevada County has decided to continue to furlough its employees. Eight more unpaid days off will be mandated for next fiscal year, the same amount as was enacted for this year. Assistant County Executive Officer Alison Lehman says the furloughs continue to be an economic necessity…

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There will be eight unpaid days off, with seven of them coming around the holidays. Most employees will get the three days before Thanksgiving, and all of Christmas Week, which the county will consider a ‘facility closure’. The other furlough day will be a day that the employee can choose. The designated closure days will not affect certain departments, like the Sheriff, District Attorney, and Clerk Recorder. Those personnel will stagger their eight days throughout the year. Lehman says the employees are to be applauded for agreeing to the unpaid days as a way to keep the county solvent…

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Lehman says with the scheduled furlough days coming through the holidays, the hope is the impact to county residents will be minimal.

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