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Nevada County Library Receives Air Quality Grant

More books are coming to the Nevada County Libraries, but to read them you will have to turn to your computer or e-book reader, not drive in your car.  The Northern Sierra air Quality Management District is awarding $27,000 to purchase e materials during the next year. Head Librarian Jessica Hudson says the downloadable books will be available on the Library to Go Overdrive Platform.

“The Air Quality District is always looking for ways that people can reduce their gas emissions, so having us purchase visual materials means less people would be driving to and from the library. You can download things from your home. You can have them on your Kindle or your Nook and every fewer trip that you’re driving is less pollutants that you’re putting into the air.”

Hudson says the Overdrive platform was purchased by the library to make e-books and downloadable audio available to library users on computers and devises including the Kindle the Nook Sony e-reader, I-pads and more. There is more information on using the e-books on the Library website and from the library staff.

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