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Nevada County Measure Signed by the Governor

Assemblyman and Republican Chief Whip Dan Logue announced that on Sunday the Governor signed his Assembly Bill 1352.  This bill was sponsored by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, and will protect the Nevada County budget from being upset by a provision included in the state budget passed in June.

“I’m very happy that the governor signed the bill. It was a good bill and had to be done. It actually takes the pressure off the Board of Supervisors and allows the funds from the VLF to all go towards public safety concerning the realignment issues. So this is a win-win for the people of Nevada County and I’m grateful to the governor that he saw it as an important issue and signed it.”

Assembly Bill 1352 addresses a conflict between the state budget passed in June and a local ordinance passed by voters in Nevada County (Measure F in 1996).  The state budget included a provision that carved out $453 million in existing vehicle license fee (VLF) revenue and directed all of this to fund the Governor’s public safety realignment program, but Measure F requires that Nevada County spend 50% of all VLF revenue on county roads.  AB 1352 prevents the county from being forced to make additional cuts to public safety programs in order to comply with these two conflicting laws.  The bill is sponsored by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, and is supported by the Nevada County Sheriff, District Attorney, and Probation Department.

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