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Nevada County Missing person may be linked to Speed Freak Killers

Nevada county Sheriff’s Detectives are sending information regarding unsolved cases and missing person’s cases from 1984 to the early 90’s to San Joaquin county where San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Justice are sifting through piles of debris. They have found bones, bone fragments, clothing items, purses, jewelry and other items, mixed in with trash and other debris found in a well that is alleged to be where accused Speed Freak Killers Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine dumped their victims. Sgt Dan Saunders with the Nevada County Sheriff’s office has confirmed one of the open missing person’s files being of Pamela Bandy reported missing in 1996.


1996 but we do have a missing persons case Pamela Louise Bandy, I’ll take a look at it and get a hold of San Joaquin county, I’ll let them know this information, maybe they can take a look at it. It is now an open person’s case, we have her down as a voluntary missing adult.

The brothers of Pamela Bandy, Matthew and Frank from Grass Valley, according to media reports, contacted the San Joaquin county Sheriff’s office to report their sister hitchhiking between Nevada County and Antioch and that Pamela was addicted to drugs and may be a victim. Sgt Saunders says they have followed up on the Bandy case and believe Pamela left the state but are following up on her case as well as others that fit the details around the Speed Freak Killers.

We have other cold case homicide files we are looking at for those guys. We are also looking through all our files for missing people that match those profiles. They also had a habit of shooting people on the side of the road with a shot gun. We actually have a cold case that somewhat matches that profile that we are sending down to San Joaquin County to see if they have any information from the suspect to see if they were up in this area during that time but it is very similar to the man who was shot in Nevada County.

Saunders is referring to the Shot gun murder of Patrick McDonald from 1984 that was never solved. McDonald was reportedly walking his dog along HWY 49 when he was shot. Saunders said it will be several weeks before DNA matches could possibly identify any of the victims who’s remains are being retrieved from the well but in the meantime the Nevada County Sheriff’s office is reviewing all their cases and sending any possible matches to San Joaquin county.


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