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Nevada County Narcotics Task Force in Multi County Pot Bust

Nevada County Narcotics Agents assisted San Joaquin and Calaveras counties in a commercial marijuana bust netting 10 arrests and over 100 pounds of processed marijuana. Sheriff Keith Royal says the initial search warrant resulted in 1700 marijuana plants seized along with fire arms.


2 children were turned over to protective services at the residence. 3 individuals were arrested; at the bail hearing bail was set at $800 for each suspect. A second search warrant yesterday resulted in 450 plants seized and another suspect arrested. 6 additional persons were arrested for attempting to sell 100 pounds of processed marijuana to an undercover agent. Sheriff Royal stated that at no time during the investigation did anyone mention the marijuana being for medical use.


All 10 suspects were booked into San Joaquin and Calaveras county jails.

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