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Nevada County “No Drone Zone” Ordinance Faces second Challenge

A local attorney who is attempting to get a “No Drone Zone” ordinance approved for circulation in Nevada County, two weeks ago  submitted a revised draft to County Counsel after the first draft was dismissed in court.  Lorraine Reich  says the County has responded, again,  by filing a complaint to find  her second proposed Initiative invalid.
click here to listen to Lorraine Reich

Reich says she became concerned about the use of domestic drones when the Federal Aviation Administration passed an  act that integrates UN-maned aerial vehicles, or  Domestic Drones, into the national airspace system by 2015.   Reich argues  there are no laws or regulations as to who may purchase a drone and how they will use it.

click here to listen to Lorraine Reich

An October 18th hearing date has been scheduled in Nevada County Superior Court before Judge Dowling to hear arguments for making a ruling on the Drone Ordinance.

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