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Nevada County Physical Activity Guide

The Nevada county health Department is encouraging you to start your New Year off right by engaging in physical activity. In doing so, the Nevada County Public Health Department physical activity guide is now available on-line and can direct you to healthier lifestyle choices. Dr. Karen Milman the director of public health for Nevada County says the guide can direct you to your favorite activities.

“The Physical Activity Resource Guide is basically a link to find all the different varieties of physical activity that are available in Nevada County. It’s set up as a web search so that if you go to the guide and you click on basketball, per se, it’ll automatically take you to a listing of all the associations an rec departments and things that offer basketball in Nevada County as well as a google map.”

To access Nevada County’s Physical Activity Guide, log on to www.livehealthynevadacounty.com and click on Physical Activity to search for your desired activity.  Based on the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans published by the Centers for Disease Control, 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate exercise or 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous exercise each week is recommended to reduce health risks in adults. (If there are any physical activities you do not find on the guide and feel they should be added, send your suggestions to nevcoactivityguide@gmail.com.

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