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Nevada County Real Estate- Glass Half Full

After six years of steady decline, the real estate market in Nevada County appears to have turned the corner and is heading in the right direction. According to real estate expert Mimi Simmons the number of available properties is one positive sign.
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Another positive sign is the amount of available money and cost for home loan products.
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And of course home pricing is also an indicator that has begun to shift in a positive direction.
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Home prices were on a steady decline since the real estate peak in 2005, but in 2012 the average sale price increased by almost 2.5 percent.

Mimi Simmons and Phil Ruble were guest speakers at the monthly Economic Resources Council Board of Director’s Meeting Thursday morning. Other topics Simmons and Ruble presented included a comparison of bank financing versus private money, and new construction approved by the county in 2012.

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