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Nevada County Registered Voters

Nevada County Assistant Clerk Recorder, Gail Smith, says Nevada County Voters can vote in person at polling sites today or drop off their mail-in ballots at their polling place or at the Rood Government Center.
The total number of registered voters for Nevada County exceeds 60,000.

Click here to listen to Gail Smith

Republicans represent the largest number of registered voters with almost 24,000 in the county. Democrats are just under 21,000 registered voters. 13,000 plus voters decline to state, with the remaining 4000 divided among various other parties with the American Independent and Green Party with the majority.

If you need more information about voting including you can visit the mynevadacounty.com website.

Click here to listen to Gail Smith

You can always call the elections office for more information as well at 530-265-1298.

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