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Nevada County Republicans open headquarters in Grass Valley

About 100 people went to the opening of the Nevada County Republican party headquarters Wednesday evening in Grass Valley where state Assemblyman Dan Logue told those gathered “there’s no tomorrow” in the effort to take back America from Democrats.

Logue asked the crowd, “Do you want your grandchildren to be raised in Obama world where the government tells you what to drive, what to eat and how much salt to put on your food?”
Katy Schwarz and Jim Adams, candidates for the Nevada Joint Union High School board, were among people introduced to the crowd. Aaron Klein, president of the Sierra Community College District board of trustees, also attended the event.

Assemblyman Logue said, “Obama care will mean rationing health service and that doctors will become veterinarians who advise patients first about the cost of treatment, the same way pet owners are told the fees to treat their animal.”

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