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Nevada County Schools Seek “Safe Harbor” to Meet Federal Requirements

Schools in Nevada County, like many around California, found “Safe Harbor” in order to meet proficiency rates for No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress- AYP requirements.  AYP measures a schools growth by looking at proficiency rates in English Language Arts and Mathematics as well as API growth which is the Academic Performance Index. For the 2013 report, a school should have over 89% of its students proficient in English Language Arts and Mathematics in order to meet AYP.

Superintendent Roxanne Gilpatrick says one Nevada City met all of the requirements for AYP.
Click here to listen to Roxanne GilPatrick

In order to meet all of the criteria Seven Hills needed to use an alternative measurement- the Safe Harbor calculation. The Safe Harbor calculation is based on a 10% decrease in the number of students “less than proficient” rather than the 89% proficiency rate.

Seven Hills Middle School, has a 75% proficiency rate school-wide in ELA and 64% in Math. However, the school met the Safe Harbor requirement in both categories.

Only William and Marian Ghidotti Early College High School actually achieved the 89% proficiency rate in one area, mathematics, with 94% proficient or above. That percentage is based on 36 of 38 students achieving proficiency.

Most schools throughout the state will be relying on Safe Harbor in order to meet AYP this year and in 2014.

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