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Nevada County Sheriff and Grass Valley Police Present Annual Awards

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Department awarded 2 promotions in ceremonies Friday morning at the Eric Rood Administrative Center. Sheriff Kith Royal Promoted Deputy Raymond Kress to Sergeant and Sergeant Steve Tripp was promoted to Lieutenant. Sheriff Royal says he is pleased with today’s promotions and looks forward to more in the near future.

“We are very fortunate and we have hired some of the best I think that this career field has to offer and I think as a result, we do a great job of serving our community. I think in the near future, we’ll have some more promotions because of some retirements that are occurring. But I think for today, we have some great people.”

Also, last Friday was Nevada City Police Chief Lou Travato’s Last day on the job. Nevada City Vice Mayor Dwayne Strawser says they have picked a replacement for the chief but it has not been finalized. All the candidates were retired and with new regulations involving the PERS retirement system the chief will only be allowed to serve for one year and the city will need to find another Police chief.

“Based on new regulations that we went through, I think we literally, just now for 2012, we have to make sure that we work this out with our choice, and all three of our finalists were PERS retirement individuals and that only works for a year and that’s the problem. We don’t want a situation where we have to hire a new police chief, go through the start up process and then turn around and hire another person the next time.”

In the mean time Lt. Lauren Gage will be interim chief with the support of staff until a replacement is finalized. And in a proclamation by the city council at the February 8th meeting the council will honor Travato on his retirement by making February 8th Lou Travato Day.

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