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Nevada County Sheriff’s Upgrade Cellphone Scanning Devises

A lot of criminals do business by cell phone these days, and law enforcement now has tools that make it easier for officers to gather information on cell phone devices. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal was before the Board of Supervisors Tuesday for approval to accept a U.S. Department of Justice grant to pay for two new Cellebrite Devises that make it fast and easy for law enforcement to download information from cell phones, like a contact list,  text messages,  or e-mails that can be used in court.  Supervisor Richard Anderson questioned the Sheriff about a recent US Supreme Court decision on how and when the devises can be used.

click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

The Sheriff says in most instances a search warrant is required before a cell phone is searched, but not always.

click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

the Sheriff says a search warrant is also not required if someone gives their consent, or if officers are conducting a probation search.



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