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New City Manager Takes on Waste Water

One of the first acts of Grass Valley’s new City Manager is dealing with waste water treatment. Bob Richardson and some of his staff will be headed to Sacramento tomorrow (Friday) to meet with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board about the Newmont Mine…

Listen to Bob Richardson

Grass Valley and Newmont Mine entered an agreement in 2009 that the city would treat the water until Newmont built their own plant, which was supposed to be completed a year ago. Mayor Dan Miller is fed up…

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Newmont does pays the city over 300-thousand dollars a year, but the treatment plant isn’t designed to hold that much water, and during storms, some of that water has been released directly into Wolf Creek. Newmont Mine spokesman Omar Jabara says they’ve run into bureaucratic delays with their own plant…

Listen to Omar Jabara

Jabara says they are currently on track to begin construction of their plant near the Empire Mine in the third quarter of this year.

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