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New Consultant Concerned With City Finances

After just a couple of days on the job, the consultant hired to help run the City of Grass Valley says the city’s financial picture does not look good…

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Jeff Fultz was hired after City Administrator Dan Holler abruptly resigned last month. Fultz is a former Interim City Administrator of Grass Valley, and due to state retirement restrictions, has been hired as a consultant, and will eventually be named interim City Manager. Fultz wasn’t specific about how bleak the city’s finances are–having been on the job for only a short time, but says many small cities are going through the same hardships…

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Grass Valley Mayor Dan Miller says sales tax revenue is way down, and that’s money that goes into the general fund…

Listen to Dan Miller

Miller says while the city may appear to be prospering with the Dorsey Drive project and money from Measure N to hire new firefighters and police officers, those projects are not paid for with general fund money.

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