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New County Web Site Looking for Public Input

The County has created an on-line idea survey to get public input on what services, features, and information the public would like to see on a new and improved MyNevadaCounty.com website. Tom Naramoore Nevada County’s application manager supervising the project says the county is using Microsoft SharePoint, software they already have, that is already paid for, to manage the web site’s content.

“We were already using SharePoint for some document management and for some other things and it has been the grand plan to get rid of our old content management system since we already have software that’s paid for that does the same work.”

The second phase of the project is now launching to migrate and refresh the MyNevadaCounty.com website over to this platform.  The County is realizing an annual savings of $30,000/year from the consolidation of the two previous independent website systems onto the single SharePoint platform. The public is invited to offer suggestions and make comments at   http://mynevadacounty.ideascale.com.

“What we’re hoping from the community is what works, what they have seen out on other websites that they like as far as functionality. Do they like to browse by clicking around? Do they like to find things with search? If they use search, what is helpful with search? Is it just a list of items or do they like items that come back in categories?”

This project will refresh the current 10 year old traditional and functional MyNevadaCounty.com citizen website to a next generation local government citizen’s web presence. It is the County’s mission to not just update the current website to be on par with today’s leading local government website best practices, but to make a revolutionary jump beyond them to a new model for local government on-line citizen service delivery and engagement websites.  The new website will be a major leap forward for the County to better deliver on-line citizen services, improve transparency, promote civic engagement & participation, conduct on-line transactions, and support a wide range of mobile devices.

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