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New Court for “Quality of Life” Issues

A new court is in the works in Nevada County. Much like Drug Court that developed out of the idea to rehabilitate rather than incarcerate those addicted to drugs,  the new court will deal with so called Quality of Life problems, like panhandling, loitering, public drunkenness or illegal camping.

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Nevada City Police Chief Tim Foley says the continuing cycle of re-arresting people isn’t working so they have come up with a new model.

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Chief  Foley says the new program is still in it’s early stages but the first court hearing occurred earlier this month and already he is seeing a difference.

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Chief Foley says social service agencies,  Hospitality House, Superior Court Judge Judge Tom Anderson, and the  Public Defender’s and District Attorney’s offices are all on board to make this new court happen.
click here to listen to Tim Foley

Foley says what they want to see is for people to move up and no longer be in the cycle where they typically become a drain on public resources.

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