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New DVSAC Director Explores Funding and Services

The new Executive Director of the Nevada County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition has some   ideas about generating flexible funding for the organization.  Gayle Guest Brown says one of the first things she did when she was hired was to look at Domestic Violence Agencies in the 5 surrounding counties to see how they stacked up financially.
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Guest Brown says when an agency is so dependent on grants, it really restricts how you meet the needs of the community you serve .
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In 2012 DVSAC received 1,600 crisis calls, and helped 700 domestic violence clients, 250 sexual assault victims and oversaw 135 temporary restraining orders.

Guest Brown  says they would love to have a bigger shelter this year and eventually a new transition house to help clients get back on their feet.
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Guest Brown says she has found that Nevada County is a very generous community…it’s number 15 per capita for income in California,  and she hopes in the future to generate more of DVSAC’s operating budget through donations.

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