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New Homeowners Don't Wait for Tax Bill

Nevada county Treasurer/Tax Collector Tina Vernon says her office has taken several calls from new homeowners surprised by notices of unpaid taxes with penalties due. Vernon says as a new owner, you are responsible for any taxes that were not paid at the time escrow closed. Vernon warns the actual taxes may not have been paid to the Tax Collector at the closing of the home.

“I just want to educate the taxpayer that if you are purchasing a new home, to be aware of property taxes and the due date and to make sure that if you do not receive a tax bill, to contact our office.”

Annual tax bills, which can be paid in two installments, are mailed once a year by November 1. Since the bill contains payment stubs for both installments, this is the only bill regularly mailed each year by the Tax Collector. Depending on when the ownership change is placed on the tax roll, the annual tax bill could be sent either to the previous owner or directly to you.  It is your responsibility to obtain the bill. State law stipulates that failure to receive a bill does not permit the Tax Collector to excuse penalties on late payments.

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